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Plus Asset Management Co., Ltd. was founded on the principle of "Diversifying investment strategies" and "Stable earnings." We are dedicated to our clients for providing top-notch financial services.

Based on unmatched client relationships, we have achieved remarkable performance with specialized and distinctive strategies. However, we are facing drastic changes in a local and global financial market due to increasing competition.

To cope with these difficulties, we are preparing new growth perspective by striving to create better and more innovative products and solutions for our clients by stimulating our existing both traditional/alternative investment management including a cross-border transaction.
For the upcoming future, we will continuously meet our commitment to give satisfied and successful profits to our clients.

Thanks to the valuable trust of our every single client and enthusiasm of our employees, we could make continuous progress and growth. With a sophisticated investment strategy for managing each asset class, we promise that we will endeavor to provide you both happiness and values. Sincerely.

Woon-Sung Baek